Tuesday, June 18, 2013

90 degrees in Siberia! Are you kidding?

     Actually we are not kidding.  Yesterday it was 90 degrees in Krasnoyarsk.  We went from a record cold spring to 90 degrees F. almost overnight.  Today is back to a more normal 65 or so.   But we are happy to be able to leave our coats and hats in the closet when we go out. 
     On June 1st we held our Institute and Seminary Graduation ceremony in Novosibirsk.  (Another overnight adventure on the Trans-Siberian railroad.) Here are some pictures:

Three of our great students Marie S., Anton and Anton.

Marie K. being congratulated by the CES Director and District President

All the students from throughout the mission.

Our Krasnoyarsk group.  The best of the best.

We played some scripture games.

Krasnoyarsk's Birthday Party!
     The city of Krasnoyarsk is 385 years old this year.  Last Saturday they held their birthday party.  It was quite an event.  the biggest and most colorful event we have seen since we have been here.  There were parades, food, entertainment etc. etc.  We had some time Saturday to be able to enjoy some of it.  Hope you enjoy these pictures. They are just a sampling of the parade and other activities.  You will see that there is a rich diversity of cultures here in siberia. 

Have you ever seen a wok this big?

I'm not sure how the Scottish folks got in the parade.